Anti- Vandal Modular Linked Units



  • Flooring: 3m x 1200mm x 15mm Ply covered with 1.5 XL Vinyl
  • Studding 50 x 50 Timber to all walls and ceilings
  • Insulation: 90mm Fiberglass quilt to side and gable and 40mm Cavity slabs to roof
  • Roof panels: 3 m x 1200mm white mono
  • Walls:9mm vinyl faced chipboard
  • Skirting: All Timber painted
  • Doors & Windows: Trimmed in 25mm x 25mm Plastic Angle
  • Exterior Paint Specification: Fully primed in and out and finished with Top Coat (in colour of choice)
  • Full Electrics: Double Sockets, Category 2 Fluorescent lighting and 2 Kw convection heaters
  • Full electrical installation-NIC EIC certified

AutoCAD Design Service Available!